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What is the best comforter? Advantages of a quilt made of 100% goose down.

April 12, 2023

Goose down is a natural raw material of the highest quality. Pure goose down, obtained in an ethical manner is one of the most expensive, but also the best natural fillings for comforters, pillows and winter clothing.

People have always wondered what makes geese so well able to withstand even the harshest frost. It turned out that this exceptional resistance to low temperatures is due not so much to the outer covering of feathers, but to the fine down that grows right next to the skin of the goose.

The whole secret lies in the structure of the down - a single puff of down has an irregular, three-dimensional structure, resembling a snowflake. Free spaces between the curves of the down fiber collect air, creating a natural barrier that protects not only from the cold, but also from the heat.

Goose down is springy, durable, lightweight. It has insulating, thermoregulatory properties and provides excellent air circulation and moisture removal. A down comforter is the best covering during sleep.

It is worth taking into account whether the quilt is filled with 100% down. According to current standards, a down comforter can be called so when it contains 60 % down, where the rest is feathers (that is, feathers with a hard "end", the so-called stack). Always buy comforters with 100% down content. Such a comforter will be light and resilient, will pleasantly wrap and warm the body and will serve for many years.

It is also worth checking the resilience of down,which is measured by the CUIN scale. 650-800 is a great score and we can be sure that the down is of high quality. And the better the down, the less of it is needed to fill a warm quilt. Cheaper feathers need to be used a lot more for the bedding to have the desired volume. And this in turn makes the quilts overwhelmingly heavy.

The highest quality comforters sewn in our manufactory in the popular size 155x200 made from the best down weigh only about 1 kg! Quilts from the "1926" Collection, as they are referred to, feature the best possible goose down and an exceptionally pleasant batiste cover.

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