THE 1926 COLLECTION – all-season, 100% premium batiste down duvet

A luxurious, snow-white, all-season down duvet, handmade in Poland with the utmost care. The duvet is 100% filled with the highest-quality, white goose down from the Greater Poland region – the best commercially available down in Poland. It is characterized by exceptional purity and fill power (700 CUIN). The highest quality goose down is wrapped by sensationally pleasant, soft, and airy batiste fabric..  

The cassette box construction in combination with laborious pre-war sewing techniques ensures it is exceptionally durable and reliable for many, many years.  

The duvet is delivered in a reusable, suitcase-like cotton case that ensures your duvets and pillows are stored in perfect conditions. And it’s going to prove a handy gift-wrap, too! We designed the cases so that the duvets and pillows can breathe and take up as little space as possible when stored in your wardrobe. Please bear in mind that our products and the packaging are entirely plastic-free.

Order fulfilment time: We don't have long production lines. Our down duvets and pillows are made to order. Maximum fulfilment time is 7 working days from the date of placing an order, however we always do our best to make sure that you receive your order earlier.