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THE "BABY 1926" COLLECTION - 100% premium batiste down duvet 750 CUIN (duvet and soft pillow set available)

"BABY MARIA" COLLECTION - 100% down duvet (duvet and soft pillow set available)


Children enjoy a good and uninterrupted night’s sleep when their body temperature is right. Unfortunately, many parents find it challenging to ensure a comfortable and restful sleep for their little ones, especially during the summer heat or in the winter months with the radiators turned on. Children sweat, fidget, and have difficulty falling asleep.

Natural and light as a feather, the Emkap handsewn down duvets for children are a natural and healthy way to ensure just the right body temperature during sleep. Emkap’s unique down structure means that our duvets provide excellent thermoregulation. Our down duvets are a way for your body to breathe.

Matching a duvet’s thickness to the conditions inside your home as well as to those outside is very important. Emkap’s “Light” collection represents duvets for spring and summer, designed with warm apartments in mind. All-season duvets suit spacious homes, are a perfect wrap for small children and those always feeling cold, and are a source of comforting warmth during the long, winter nights.

The secret of down duvets lies in down’s very structure. A single ball of down has an irregular, three-dimensional structure, slightly reminiscent of a snowflake. Air is accumulated in the free spaces between the curves of the down fibers, creating a natural barrier that protects our children from the cold as well as from overheating. Polish goose down has unique – some may say magical – thermoregulatory and hygroscopic properties. It is recognized as the best natural bedding filling for both children and adults.

Children down duvets are available as part of two collections – “BABY 1926” and “BABY MARIA”.
The main differences between these two collections are the cover material used and down elasticity. Both “BABY 1926” and “BABY MARIA” integrate the highest quality materials with artistic craftsmanship our family honed its skills in for nearly a century. Children down duvets may be accompanied by a special down pillow. You may buy them together as part of a unique set. Our pillows come in two heights and are adjusted to the child’s age.

Each collection contains the most common children’s sizes. We also have the necessary capabilities and are more than happy to manufacture duvets to order. This ensures our products are a perfect match, whether for your children needs or their age, or for bedding covers you already purchased or received as a gift.

The baffle-box construction of the duvet resembles a chocolate bar which – combined with labor-intensive, pre-war sewing techniques – ensures its exceptional durability and reliability. Maybe your children will pass their first down duvet to their children one day? At Emkap, we offer regeneration of down duvets so that you can breathe new life into your duvet after years of use.

We would like to point out that parents of children who were found to suffer from down and feathers allergy should not purchase this product.